HERE’S TO 2022

Human nashure ni – to take things for granted, including relationships. Sometimes this attitude mutates into a self-entitled kinda bone strucshure Reason am nah , someone or some people mistreat you, use and abuse you. You are badly hurt, you suffered irreparable losses o bad gaani! Aiye nika . Cain killed Abel, his Blood. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers .. all of dem. Potiphar’s wife cooked up a good lie that ended the dude in prison. From the well to the palace iyen wa aright . From the palace to prison wa nko ? 😰Jacob and Esau, Kehinde and Taiwo hmmm need o say more? Hurts misconstrued stories, lies, rejections, betrayals – they are part of this event called life, no be today. Okay, of all the peepu wey you don cuss from mountain top to valley oo , since the time you don dey am , how many come to pass for ya koro koro eye ??? The henemy wey you say make e die, hin don die ?? wetin oyinbo call Pessin wey dey do same tin efery time, efery time, dey wait for anoda kine result again How e come rish your turn to be served and you think because you were treated unjustly, You can now rain curses on your perceived henemies … e Pele oooo , uncu wa “George Cursington “.. sit down dia and be wasting saliva and precious time conjuring negative vibes like winch in the name of “ arise o lord let your enemies be scattered “ ( errr the enemies are HIS, BTW, not YOURS ). As hard as it is to accept, persecutions ( all shapes and sizes ) are part of the package ( in fact JC promised them to the disciples ) and they repped, live. Do it different 2022 always ask “ lord this situation, what should I do with it ?” Before you carry spirishua Katyusha rocket begin do 007 Kiri aye. See … Nothing wey Pale no fit use! Yousef said it perfectly “ WHAT YOU MEANT FOR EVIL, THE LORD TURNED IT FOR MY GOOD “. That’s how e ought to be. it’s all about him, how he can use every situation, the Good, the bad and the downright ugly, for his glory .. ALL FOR HIS GLORY .. remember, God is not an App( me sef go apply this formula ni ‘22, so epp me Pale)

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