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Mobolaji Adesoye, popularly known as Bo Adesoye or Aunty B is a pharmacist turned Educationist.

Am experienced Counselor, and Head of Student Life at a privately owned boarding instruction in Nigeria, she blogs on issues of concern and runs a podcast. AuntyB Speaks learned lessons on historical events and past experiences. And as part of her social responsibility, she offers free counselling to teenagers.

Bo is also a certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker of the John Maxwell Team with emphasis on Youth Development and  D.I.S.C behavioural analysis.

She is the founder of Iyaniwura Project Concept – an outfit that distributes durable school sandals to primary school children in the rural area of Nigeria.

Video Lanching program

So overwhelmed! Lagos , abuja , kaduna , Warri , Benin , Ilorin , Ghana , Cambridge , greater london , manchester , Ireland , Canada , Kansas City , Atlanta , other parts of the USA and UK that I can’t remember right now ! Thank you .. thank you .. I am encouraged., and I will keep telling my stories … auntybspeaks- Gud to talk


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